Top Road Trip Stops in Alice Springs

There is a place that is not so well-known in Australia. A place that you’ll want to visit in your campervan hire to truly get the most out of your road trip there is Alice Springs. This area of Australia is a bit rough but also full of history and unique locations.

If you’re planning a trip in your campervan hire, we know some great stops in Alice Springs and it’s surroundings. Whether you’re only visiting for a few days or you’re planning to stay for a week or more, we’ve compiled some of the best things to do and see while in the area.

Best Stops in Alice Springs

While Sydney and Melbourne are typically the places that people think of when thinking of visiting Australia, we have to say that if you want to experience a unique place, this is the region that you want to be in. If you’re all about getting to know the Australian outback, then forget the big cities and plan your trip to the Northern Territory where you’ll have plenty of great options of destinations to visit. These are our favorite stops:

  • Check out Alice Springs Desert Park. If there were a place that we could suggest you visit to truly get a glimpse of an Australian desert, it would have to be Alice Springs Desert Park. There, you can be guided by local Aboriginal guides to truly understand more about the beauty and uniqueness of the Alice Springs Desert Park. From the views of the MacDonnell Ranges to the aviary full of incredible birds that call the area home to the Nocturnal House, it’s a fascinating experience for both adults and children alike. You can even see some of the outback animals that you’re probably hoping to see, like the emus, kangaroos, and dingoes.
  • View the area from above in a hot air balloon in Alice Springs. While not a stop per se, this activity is one that you want to do. Just imagine seeing the beautiful reds of splotches of bush from above in a hot air balloon? Not only is it an exciting thing to do but when you go at sunset or sunrise, you can only imagine how gorgeous the views must be.
  • Get to know kangaroos in the Kangaroo Sanctuary. The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a place you’ll want to visit in Alice Springs if you want to not only get to know kangaroos up close and personal but also do something to help these great animals. You may be wondering why there would need to be a sanctuary for kangaroos. Unfortunately, a lot of kangaroos end up getting hit by cars and while the mother typically perishes, the babies are left to fend themselves and that is why places like the Kangaroo Sanctuary make a difference in kangaroo’s lives. Surprisingly, the best time to visit is in the night as the sun is too much in the outback for kangaroos during the day, so they tend to liven up at night. You could even volunteer at the sanctuary if you want to.
  • Visit the MacDonnell Ranges in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory. Located in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory, the MacDonnell Ranges may not be the Swiss Alps, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an exciting destination. From gaps and gorges to waterholes to cool off in, the MacDonnell Ranges may very well be the most unique hike that you ever go on. Only about 20km away from Alice Springs, this is certainly one of the top stops for anyone traveling to and from Alice Springs. You don’t only have to hike the ranges, you can also cycle them on your mountain bike or even visit on a four-wheeler.
  • Hike the Trephina Gorge. The Trephina Gorge is cool because you don’t have to be in amazing shape to do it but you can also be rewarded for your “efforts” with beautiful nature views, especially of the red cliffs overlooking the creek which is gracefully lined with local bush and flor.

In Conclusion

In the mood for a desert adventure? Alice Springs is definitely a place that you want to visit. It’s possibly one of the best desert destinations in the country and one where you can get a true outback experience.

The best way to see all that you want to see in the area is to set out in a campervan hire, which will allow you to go to as many places as possible during your time in the area. It will also make it easy for you to have all you need for your trip with you. Are you ready to experience the true spirit of the outback? There is no better place than Alice Springs.