Online shopping for medical devices

Global medical device sales are expected to grow at an estimated rate of 5.2% CAGR till 2030 as per a report by KPMG. The sales include the demand for devices such as wearables as well as industrial, medical devices. With the advent of the 21st century, a lot of focus has gone into focusing marketing efforts through online channels – whether through the dedicated website of the OEM, online retailers or online marketplace.

Major Manufacturers

Each of the segments has some dominant players. For example, Karl Storz with its CMAC line of products and MacGrath with its MAC line of products lead the segment of OEM who have their dedicated online portals for direct B2B sales. There are many players in the online retail category which sell medical instruments online in the B2B and B2C formats.

Precautions and checks for buying medical equipment online

Although its online sales on medical device represent the ease of buying of both industrial and retail customers, there should be enough caution to be exercised before making any purchase. The stores selling the products should ideally be an authorized seller / reseller of those products. The return policy and payment methods should be clearly defined and should comply with the local laws in which the store operates. For specific geographies, labels such as CE mark in Europe should also be checked.

Moreover, one should always cross check the prices quoted on a website with that of its competitors. A price well below the nominal rates prevalent in the market should raise eyebrows, and appropriate clarification should be taken from the concerned OEM and the website’s helpdesk.

If the device purchased seems to pose any kind of risk to the health of the individual or the patient, its use should be immediately stopped, and the same should be reported to concerned authorities such as the Health Products Regulatory Authority which is present in Ireland.