7 Tips On How Users Can Avoid Hacking And Deal With Online Security Breaches

Surveillance cameras offer the best protection against burglary, data theft, and many other things. However, if the dvr system of the security cameras gets hacked, the troubles are endless. Some of the scariest security threats of hacking listed below.

  • Hackers can watch and record you. There have been many incidents where the live feed of victims has been leaked online.
  • Once in your system, hackers can steal whatever they want. It leads to monetary exploitation. In fact, a number of blackmailing incidents have also been reported.
  • Hackers can stalk you and your staff. Such cases usually end up getting physical and people suffer from injuries that may or may not be fatal.
  • Hackers can keep an eye on your children and that’s far too creepy than money theft.

7 Ways In Which You Can Protect Your Security System From Being Hacked

The above-listed security concerns are too serious to be ignored. But, instead of giving up on the idea of using security cameras, it is better you follow the following 7 tips that will keep your system safe from hackers.

  1. As soon as you install a surveillance camera, update the default backdoor password of your dvr. You can easily find articles by cybersecurity experts on creating strong passwords in magazines like the wall street journal.
  2. Once your backdoor password is secured, it’s time that you install strong antivirus software that will warn you against viruses, phishing emails and websites, and malware that can steal your information.
  3. You must also use firewall protection so that suspicious devices trying to forcefully enter in your internal security system can be identified and blocked.
  4. Your wifi should be password sealed because it narrows down the chances of router hacking to a minimum.
  5. Do not ever use pirated operating systems. Not just that pirated versions do not have security features, they can also be infiltrated with viruses.
  6. Before pairing any new device with your dvr, scan the device for any viruses that might be hidden deep within the corrupt files. Connect them only when cleaned.
  7. Use only the authorized devices to monitor your feed from a remote location. Logging in from unauthorized devices is dangerous. You might forget to log out or the device you’re using might have viruses. It can adulterate your security system, causing it to crash.

On a closing note, it is always wise to not share your admin password or wifi password with people you do not completely trust.